ADHD and children: How to properly diganose and treat

The NSW education system allows children to start school at the age 4, if they are turning 5 before the end of June. This results in a noticeable gap in the school entry age between children, with some children being as young as four-and-a-half-years old with children aged six years old in the same classroom. However, a recent study in the Medical Journal of Australia, in Western Australia revealed that younger children in the classroom are inclined to receive ADHD medication, compared to their older classmates. The question lies whether early school entry leads to a misdiagnosis of ADHD in young children. How does ADHD medications affect these children? The Daily’s Sean Britten was joined on the line by Dr Alison Poulton, Senior Lecturer in Paediatrics at the University of Sydney and Paediatrics and Child Health at Neapean Clinical School to further discuss the affects of ADHD on young children.


Produced by Quan Tran 



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