Airstrikes Highlight Yemen’s Ongoing Humanitarian Crisis

This past Monday saw the Saudi Coalition launch a fresh round of attacks on Yemen’s rebel held capital of Sanaa. The attack, which consisted of over a dozen air raids, is believed to have been in retaliation against rebel group The Houthis, who in the days prior had fired two missiles at Saudis Capital. This escalation seemingly shatters hope of a ceasefire between the forces, something which had been called for by the UN Secretary General, in an effort to help all parties focus on the COVID-19 pandemic. Ultimately, the attacks again bring into focus Yemen’s ongoing humanitarian crisis, which has already seen the displacement of 3.6 million of its population.

Dr Ben Rich, senior lecturer for International Relations and Security Studies at Curtin University, joined us on The Daily to discuss the recent airstrikes of Yemen’s capital, and what they mean for the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

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