Alison Evans’ Euphoria Kids

Today’s episode features Alison Evans discussing their latest novel Euphoria Kids.

Alison Evans

Alison is the award winning author of Ida and Highway Bodies. They have featured on the Final Draft Great Conversations podcast last year with their zombie apocalypse tale Highway Bodies and today Alison is joining me to discuss their latest novel Euphoria Kids.

Euphoria Kids

Euphoria Kids is the story of Iris and Babs. They go to the same school but don’t know each other. Ever since a witch cursed her as a child Babs periodically becomes invisible. It makes it hard to find friends until one day Iris sees her on the bus. Iris grew from a seed in the garden and has always had more kinship with the fairies and dryads that live in the bush. Together they find each other and something of their place in the world until rumblings among the fae reveal that the witch who cursed Babs has returned to the forest…

Join me as we discover Alison Evans’s Cherry Beach

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