Altruistic Actions of Egoism

Local duo Egoism are nothing but radiant beings. Not only are the life long friends and musical collaborators looking out for each other at all times, but the way that the Sydney indie music scene shines all the more brightly with their presence is a testament to the kind natured souls that Olive and Scout are.
With a tendency to nurture each other through their songwriting, the songs of Egoism are genuinely wholesome.
Originally a band soaked in shoegaze and psychedelic sonic waves, Egoism have been refining their sound over the past few years. Managing to skip the indulgence of strung out noisy guitar and cliched breathy vocals, into concise and condensed indie dream pop tunes with interwoven vocal melodies – which has become a stable of the bands aesthetic – resulting in a tender call and response embrace of bittersweet euphoria and catharsis.

As their launches ’round the corner to celebrate the release of their new EP, Olive and Scout of Egoism had a chat on The Band Next Door about leaving their pretentious high school days behind, tightening up their sound and the ever trials and tribulations of an ever shifting live setup

Egoism’s On Our Minds EP is out now, grab it on bandcamp.

Launch shows:
18th December at the Lansdowne x2 sessions (SOLD OUT)
20th December at the Lansdowne x2 sessions

Saturday 28th of November, 2020

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