An Unintended Consequence (of Labour)

CW: This story includes references to sexual assault and violence. 

An Unintended Consequence (of Labour) is an exhibition that explores who plays an active role in the governmental decisions that affect broader Australian society.

It interrogates different types of labour in relation to the recent changes in NSW laws around consent and protest.

Nicole speaks with organiser and artist, Rafaela Pandolfini, and artist, Luke Bodley, about the concepts behind their work and ideas around consent, labour, the physical body and how this interacts with the courts and the dichotomy between public and private.

If you know anyone who may be experiencing or victim to sexual harrassment or domestic violence, is an available resource for support and access to services.

An Unintended Consequence (of Labour), Downing Centre, 6-29 Septemeber, free. 

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