Andie chats Heartbreak, ‘ghost’ and Kazoos

Hailing from the Blue Mountains, Andie is a force to be reckoned with. With her witty lyricism, personable nature and masterful storytelling, she pulls listeners in and brings them along her journey through life.

Her brand new album, ghost, is an intimate trip through heartbreak, spite, acceptance and self-actualisation. Her lyrics are masterful articulations of her emotions and experiences, in a way that feels intimate yet universal. Over 9 powerful tracks, it feels as if listeners are experiencing heartbreak alongside Andie, which only highlights her ability as a songwriter.

After developing her craft for years, Andie is no stranger to the stage. She’s garnered the love and admiration of fans around the world, amassing over 250 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

Andie swung past the 2ser studios the day before the launch of her debut studio album ‘ghost‘. She sat down with Dream State host Jas, to talk all about the stories behind the tracks, the influence of YouTube on her music career and the infinite power of the kazoo.

Cheeky language warning on this chat.

You can stream ‘ghost’ here, or purchase the album on Bandcamp here.

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