Andy Muir’s Hiding to Nothing

Andy Muir features on today’s episode discussing his new novel Hiding to Nothing.

Lachie’s on a Hiding to Nothing

Lachie Munro is a humble painter from Newcastle. He’s the sort of bloke a politician might call a battler, that is until they figure out what he’s been up to and then they’d either distance themself or go into business with him. When  Lachie finds himself with a sawn-off shotgun pointed in his face, he doesn’t know at the time but he’d come to miss those halcyon days.

When his father arrives after twenty years in prison it seems like a family reunion is only going to happen in the most dangerous of circumstances and Lachie’s never going to get to the beach for that swim…

Hiding to Nothing pitches the reader into the seedy world of Newcastle crime and the sweaty world of Newcastle painting during a hot summer. Lachie wants to play it straight but he’s constantly dragged by circumstance and fate into the dodgier parts of town.

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