Angie McMahon on Mantras, Social Media, and Big Thief

Expertly combining genres like indie-rock and folk, Angie McMahon has carved out her very own space in the Australian music industry. The dynamic and critically acclaimed artist from Naarm launched onto the scene back in 2017, and hasn’t stopped growing.

Her latest album, ‘Light, Dark, Light Again’ is an exploration of growth, light and life. She’s said it’s “a record about facing the fear and learning it can be a portal to something bigger and better”, highlighting the simple fact that “the only certainty in life is that everything ends, and everything begins again”. 

‘Light, Dark, Light Again’ is an album that picks you up and holds you close. An album that is in touch with the earth and all its inhabitants. Angie has a way of communicating such personal yet universal experiences in a way that assures you it’ll all be okay. It is an album that leaves all who listen feeling more grounded and connected.  In my opinion, this album was a defining moment of last year. A release that made its mark and continues to have an impact on all who listen.

Angie McMahon joined Dream State host Jas earlier this week to chat about the album, her upcoming shows at the Sydney Opera House and the role of social media in the music industry. 

She’s going on a huge national tour across May and June, playing 14 shows across the country.

If you like the sound of that, she’ll be playing two shows at the Sydney Opera House on the 12th and 13th of May. Some last-minute tickets just got released, so I wouldn’t sleep on it – grab a ticket here.

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