Animating Indigenous Knowledges

In 1788 there were between 300 to 700 indigenous languages spoken across Australia. In the Australian 2016 census it was reported that only about 160 of these languages were being spoken at home. Today, only 13 of these are spoken by children. Along with this dramatic decline in linguistic diversity, the total numbers of speakers of some of these languages are now tiny. What happens when we lose languages? And why is it so vital to preserve them? Wunungu Awara: Animating Indigenous Knowledges is a unique project run by Monash University, which uses the latest 3D animation technology to record, preserve and protect indigenous languages and knowledge for the future. The Daily spoke with Animation Team Leader Brent McKee.

Watch the animation stories online:

Image from: Yagun Gulinj Wiinj (How Man Found Fire), 2016 – the second animation produced by the Taungurung (Victoria) Dolodanin-dat Animation Project Group.

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