Are We Over-Exercising Our Pets?

We all love our pets; they are our fur babies after all! We rely on their love and companionship during the good times, but also particularly during these difficult COVID times. As we spend more time at home during the lockdowns, we are also spending more time with our pets. Some of us have even started to take our dogs on more walks because we have the time now to do so, but is this good for them? Are we walking our dogs too much? And what can we do to help ease their anxiety when we finally return to normalcy? 

Dr. Christine Fernandes, a veterinarian with her own mobile vet company ‘Christine’s Mobile Vet,’ joined Willy Russo on Breakfast to discuss how often to exercise our pets and how to help treat their anxiety when we eventually go back to work and school. 



Image by Donald Clark from Pixabay

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