Are you sleeping correctly in summer?

While the summer is coming around the corner, Australian will soon to struggle sleeping at night surrounded by hot air with not air condition. Sleep physician David Cunning explained even people manage to sleep through an uncomfortable hot night, it would generally cause a poor quality of sleep. Also Professor Michael Gradisar, a paediatric sleep expert pointed out that string of hot nights could impact to your day time functioning.

But yet, those who have air conditioner running through all night need to be aware of low air humidity; Michael Tam from UNSW school of Public Health and Community Medicine said it could cause eye and airway irritation, dry skin, locked nose, sore throat and reduced perception of air quality. Furthermore in air condition, every degree its lower, 10% of your energy consumption will increase.

Here we had Professor Michael Gradisar from Flinders University to discussed with us on further issue of sleeping temperature.

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