Are Young People Carrying the Vinyl Market?

You’re probably no stranger to vinyl, it’s back and has been for years now, and has even outpaced CD sales in the last few years. But you might be surprised to learn that younger generations have begun to contribute towards a lot of these sales amidst its resurgence.

To investigate this trend, and to coincide with this weekend’s upcoming Glebe Record Fair, we invited Baz Scott, owner of Egg Records and one of the organisers of the fair to come onto Friday Drive to talk about the young people’s growing fascination with vinyl, their appeal in light of the dominance of streaming platforms, and if this extends across to the used market as well. Baz also shared some tips for new crate diggers looking into exploring their first record fair.

The Glebe Record Fair is happening this Saturday 13 April (tomorrow!) and you can find the details here.

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