Article 13 and Australian Copyright (Part 1)

Earlier this year, the European Union moved to pass a divisive Article 13, which restricts social media users from sharing unlicensed copyrighted material online. However, the Internet today is flooded with memes and GIFs that heavily feature copyrighted content in a remixed form. How can the automated gatekeepers of platforms like Facebook and YouTube, tell the difference between fair use and infringing use? An emerging paradigm, Creative Commons, seeks to bridge the gap between this and make copyright easy to understand, without replacing the law itself. Delia Browne, Head of Australia’s National Copyright Unit, explains to us the potential ramifications of Article 13 on Australian copyright works. This is part one of an extended interview. Part two will take place next week and will focus on Creative Commons, an alternative paradigm of which Delia is one of the Australian Board Directors.

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