Artificial Intelligence and Beer

Do you trust a robot with your beer?


  • Doctor Nick Bennett: Senior Lecturer, School of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
  • Danielle MacDonald: Brewer, Sydney Brewery

Produced and Presented by: Cameron M. Furlong

Music by Trev Lewis from Hagfilms; sourced from Outro music Modern Compersion One Man Book.

AI will soon have a say in how you beer tastes. Researchers at UTS are developing new brewing technologies that will be able to monitor the brewing of beer at every step of the process. This could lead to more economical and cheaper brews, and the micro-analysis of the process means that brews could be cloned to twin breweries around the world. Can an AI analyst hold a candle to the experience and intuition of a human brewer, or will their own individual strengths elevate the process?

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