Attention! You Can Now Vote to ‘Keep Sydney Open’

Recently, there’s been buzz from the NSW Government about easing up on Sydney’s long-contested lockout laws. Sydney-siders have been battling these laws since 2014, which have caused a loss of jobs, business and diversity for what was once a vibrant city nightlife.

While we’ve been hearing murmurs from Government ministers about new reforms aimed at developing the city’s entertainment, arts and culture scenes, there’s been little movement on the matter.

But for Keep Sydney Open, the timing could not be more perfect. The grass-roots movement has recently launched as a new political party, and boy, are they ready to do so! With their ‘Party Party’ launch coming up on the 30th of June, Keep Sydney Open is officially building up some serious steam.

And the party itself is looking ahead, with aims to open up Sydney’s entertainment and live music scene and bring the spark back to what is admittedly a sluggish, slowing nightlife. Backed by hundreds of supporters, the new political party has hopes to gain traction in Parliament and make some real moves towards a safe, accessible and buzzing city scene we can all enjoy.

Tess spoke with Iyanoosh Reporter and Joe O’Donoghue from Keep Sydney Open this morning, to find out more.

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