Aussie Classics – Boyd Oxlade’s ‘Death in Brunswick’

The Australian Classics Book Club explores seminal, lost and hidden treasures of Aussie letters. Every month Andrew gets together with David Winter from Text Publishing and along with a special guest they explore what makes an Australian Classic, and how these works have shaped our national culture and identity…

Death in Brunswick takes us back to Melbourne in the eighties.

Carl is on his last nerve; his Mum’s staying at the dump he calls home, the club where he works is hell and he owes his dealer money. Sure Sophie at the club is a spunk, but she’s twenty years younger than him. At least he’s got Dave. His best mate will always lend an ear, and it’s certainly handy to know a gravedigger when there’s a body to dispose of!

Boyd Oxlade’s cult classic is a marvel of gritty realism. Join Andrew as he explores the world of Brunswick with David Winter and Shane Maloney, author of the Murray Whelan crime series.

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