Why Are Aussie Streaming Services So Pathetic?

Earlier this week the much anticipated premiere of Season 7 Game of Thrones aired. For Australians the only way, well the legal way to watch it in Oz is to watch it on Foxtel or Foxtel Now. Then in a disaster of massive proportions for fans Foxtel Now crashed leaving viewers understandably annoyed. On top of this viewers of The Handmaid’s Tale had to deal with the worst timing of ads in the middle of the most intense scenes on SBS On Demand. So we know Oz is physically far away from the rest of the world but with the delay in shows, the lack of access and the poor quality is beginning to grate. So why are Australian streaming services still lagging so far behind? To answer our questions we were joined on The Daily by Lauren Harris a freelance writer and columnist for Guardian Australia, and UNSW researcher into the screen industry.

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