Australia Ranked Very Low in UN Children’s Fund Report

The results of the latest United Nations Children’s Fund report have been handed down, and it didn’t do too much by way of flattering Australia’s education system. Australia was ranked 3rd last out of 41 nations in the study which assessed education in ‘high and middle income countries education.’

The report found only 71% of Australian 15 year olds are achieving baseline standards in the three key areas of education and a staggering 20.7% of children are not attending pre-school for at least a year.  Given education is such a strong predictor of life outcomes, it seems we’re setting on a fairly concerning trajectory.  With the federal government announcing its commitment to 18 billion in education funding over the next decade, UNICEF has said a neglecting of systematic education reform for futile and trivial funding model debates, is responsible for this decline.

But this is only tapping superficially on the surface, and to dig a little deeper into these issues The Daily spoke with Head of Policy and Advocacy at UNICEF Australia, Amy Lamoin.

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