Australian Artist Tracks Fan’s Anonymous Note

CJ Hendry is one of our great artist exports. Her hand drawn images can sell for $100,000’s of dollars. The New York based hyper realistic drawer is back in Australia for her recent exhibition, Straya, a tongue in cheek nod to the slang used in our everyday conversation. The show was on in Brisbane over the weekend and super fan Shaily Godhani went along. She took with her a note expressing her admiration of CJ and her incredible talent, but didn’t leave her name or any contact details.

2SER Breakfast’s Willy Russo was joined by Shaily Godhani to learn how CJ Hendry tracked Shaily down to thank her in person.

Image credit. Left to right, Shaily Godhani, CJ Hendry, image supplied by Shaily Godhani.

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