Australia’s Aging Video Gamers

We’ve long busted the stereotype of the lonely male teenage gamer, with the typical Aussie who plays video games coming in at the average age of 34, nearly half of whom are female. But what might still be surprising is the increase in elderly Australians taking part in all the gaming action.

Dr Jeff Brand is a professor at the Bond University as well as the lead author of the Digital Australia 18 report, a regular look at Australia’s gaming industry compiled for the Interactive Game and Entertainment Association. Dr Brand shared some compelling statistics on the benefits of gaming for older Australians at the recent launch of DA18.

Dr Brand gave a thorough report on the who, what and why of how we game, but the surprise was the big boost in gaming for women over 65 and the overall length of gameplay for Australians over 75.

If you’re already intrigued you can check out the DA18 summary here.


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