Back to School: Smartphones & School Kids

It was back to school this week for Aussie school kids. An increasing amount of young children are now armed with a smartphone, with easy access to texting, social media and the web. Although they can offer a sense of security for parents, smartphones are increasingly becoming a distraction in the classroom. Student’s academic achievements are seeing an impact, and cyber bullying and an increasing pressure from peers to send sexts can cause negative psychological effects on young school kids. What are some of the challenges smartphones are causing for schools and kids? With education departments allowing for schools to set their own rules on mobile phone use, would a complete ban be beneficial or should technology be embraced in the classroom? The Daily was joined by Dr. Barbara Spears, Associate Professor in the School of Education at the University of South Australia to discuss how smartphones are impacting school children and possible solutions to an ever increasing digital environment in the classroom.

Produced by Siobhan Parry 

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