Badde Manors cafe is back in business!


Have you heard the news that Badde Manors cafe, in Glebe, is back in business?

To many who frequent Glebe Point road, Badde Manors known as one of the crowning jewels of its cafe and bookstore scene.

The cafe has been around for more than four decades, and since its inception has been entirely vegetarian. Its cosy wooden booths and colourful sunroom have seen the comings and goings of uni students, groups of friends and those who wish to sit alone and sip on a hot drink or have a healthy lunch.

Recently, the threat of closure for this iconic venue was imminent. Many were devastated to hear the venue might close. This is until the new owner – Jackie Leonard – took up the reins about a month ago. Badde Manor’s cafe is now back in action.

We were lucky to have a quick chat with Jackie Leonard to get the scoop on what has happened – and what’s to come – for this iconic Sydney venue.

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