Be the first to expereince Wonderdome’s 360˚ immersive viewing in Sydney

Revolutionizing the film-viewing experience, co-founders, Chris Deckker and Simon Richardson are bringing their ingenious project to Sydney. After hosting their incredible 360˚shows in the USA, they decided it was time to bring Wonderdome™ back home.

Wonderdome™ plays a variety of films from a diverse group of filmmakers from around the world. Presented in a 360˚ format, audiences can physically feel the sound and become engulfed by the images. This is an expereince like no other, where viewers feel like a part of the piece. It’s like virtual reality but in reality. From abstract art pieces to animated films, they’ve got something for everyone to enjoy.

“It’s a medium who’s time has come,” says co-founder, Simon Richarson. Catch his whole interview with Ruchira Bower-Nasir.

Wonderdome™ at the Entertainment Quarter will run until January 30th. Go check them out and quickly get your tickets now!

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