Be Your Own Groupie with Lauren McAuliffe

Now chances are that if you’re tuned into 2ser right now and listening into Drive, you love music. You live it, you speak it, you breathe it. You’ve probably gone to countless gigs, your somewhat in and amongst the underground Sydney music scene and maybe you’ve even picked up a dingy guitar to try your hand at writing your own stuff. Now if you listening in identify as a woman, cis, trans, femme or gender non conforming and you hold that same love of music, chances are you would know that the scene is overwhelmingly male dominated and it can often feel like a rather isolating environment to even step into, let alone trying your hand at starting your own band. Be Your Own Groupie is a community based initiative that runs free or by donation group guitar lessons for cis Female, Trans and Gender Non Conforming people whose goal is to break down those barriers and create a safe space in community for people to learn, get inspired, laugh, and to encourage a more diverse range of people to start playing music. Thursday Drive Presenter Beth Tracey spoke with founder and creative mastermind behind Be Your Own Groupie, Lauren McAuliffe.


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