Beijing shows support for Russia

The President of China Xi Jinping has arrived in Moscow with his twelve point plan for peace, which will bring an end to the conflict.  Both sides have stated that they are not interested in a political solution, Russia still wants a total victory and the Ukrainians refuse to concede any land in a peace treaty.

The timing of the visit is raising questions as three days ago Vladimir Putin was accused of war crimes and has a warrant out for his arrest.

Every Stakeholder in the conflict knows that China can’t mediate a peace deal but the question remains as to why is the President of China talking to a freshly accused war criminal?

Image: Image: Shutterstock: plavi011

Produced By: Dominic Giles

Featured In Story: Dr Sonia Mycak, Research Fellow at the Australian National University Centre for European studies., and Dr Alexey Muraviev, Associate Professor of National Security and Strategic Studies at Curtin University Perth.

First aired on The Wire, Tuesday 21 March 2023

Tuesday 21st of March, 2023