Billie Eternal go retro with ‘Escape from the Black Hole’

Hailing from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Billie Eternal are a 3-piece rock outfit bridging huge surf rock sounds through old amps, and the songwriting chops of 90s alt-rock and power pop. Their latest record, ‘Billie Eternal and the Jetcats‘ released on February 24th. Accompanied by a retro video game, ‘Escape from the Black Hole‘, the album soundtracks a nostalgia-driven ride through a collection of classic levels. Singer and guitarist Martin Green joined Drive host Felix Shannon to talk all about the game, the album, and the vague feeling that is ‘Billie Eternal’.

Billie Eternal may be a vibe that the trio encounters when they play together, but the band is comprised of Martin, drummer Jack Chapman, and bass-wizard/audio engineer Matt Stewart. ‘Escape from the Black Hole’ was produced in collaboration with game designer Jeff Nixon, and programmer WubsGames.


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