Books and the Importance of Imagination

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Andrew is joined by Robbie Egan on today’s show.

Robbie Egan is the CEO of Book People. Formerly the Australian Booksellers Association. Book People are a not-for-profit advocacy group for their members (who are booksellers). 

Book People have commissioned a study on the ‘Importance of Imagination’.

Robbie outlines the ‘Importance of Imagination’ study:

  • Exploring Australian’s reading habits.
  • How do the pandemic has affected people’s reading habits.
  • Australians desire to use their imagination more.
  • Recommendations for fostering creativity in schools.
  • Supporting parents to encourage their children to read more and develop their imaginations.
  • The report suggests that reading generates a net benefit for mental health.

Read the ‘Importance of Imagination’ study




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