Bored Shorts Are Anything But On Their Debut LP

Have you seen that totally iconic clip of Iggy Pop appearing on Countdown in 1979, when he performs “I’m Bored” in a totally shambolic albeit jester-esque way.
Just having fun. Clearly not at all bothered, or worried about the pressure cooker world of live TV.

Local Sydney-siders Bored Shorts effortlessly exert the same energy on their debut LP Way Off!

Born from Margaret River hometown friends Will and Dom, who somehow found themselves both in Sydney, and for the first time in their lives were dabbling in music that wasn’t for their private demo collection that no one else will ever end up hearing.
The duo put together their coming-of-age-record with the Looking Up EP back in 2018, but it’s the Way Off! debut record that sees Bored Shorts realise that life isn’t an easy breezy goes lucky experience. So they’ve grappled with some of the burdensome issues of reality (i.e. misguided self made promises and split identities) by doing what they do best, which is throwing around extremely cathartic guitar hooks and enticing singalongs.

With a couple of other friendly faces from the jangle pop indie realm such as Flowertruck, Classic and Big White coming into the live fold, the positive energy that now simply radiates from their shows is a cleansing experience for the band and audience alike.

Dom and Will of the band joined Cameron on The Band Next Door on 2SER to chat about the joy of call and response, not taking themselves too seriously and the charm of self therapy with music.

Bored Shorts’ debut album Way Off! Is out now through Spunk Records.

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