BREXIT: Threat to the Music industry

With the recent decision made by the conservative party in England to leave the European Union, unfortunately the creative sector can be seen to be negatively impacted. At the moment, Musicians and touring crew are currently able to travel freely between European countries but with the new laws that will eventually take effect from January 2021, budding musicians and industry people will have to apply for a tier 5 working visa. Industry professionals have called for ‘special’ visas to be administered to musicians and industry workers, with no response from the government. In response, music industry bodies as well as industry professionals have shown a strong apprehension to the new changes that are being introduced. 2SER was joined by Professor Suzanne Aspden from the University of Oxford, UK. Her research interests include music in Britain, the construction of identity through music, music and politics and much more. She also focuses on the ways in which music facilitates expression of identity, whether national, personal, or dramatic.

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