Build Your Own Mythology with Komang

Komang is a producer and vocalist based on Kulin Country, blending groove and neo-soul with Balinese spirit (and so much more).

Since releasing their debut EP Mythologies in late 2022, Komang has stayed busy with other projects. Komang was a guest on Tim Shiel’s Distractions Two release, as well as recently teaming up with rapper, writer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Joelistics and the Gamelan DanAnda, a 16 piece gamelan orchestra, for the album SAUDARA, in which third culture kids join the dots between ancient stylings and tech audio storms.

Komang has cemented herself as one to watch and 2SER Breakfast was lucky enough to catch up in the midst of building their own mythology.

Thursday 16th of March, 2023

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