Preventing Building Sites Polluting Sydney Waterways

How many building sites do you walk past in your area? It may be quite a few with a multitude of commercial and residential developments across Sydney, but do you ever wonder what the environmental impact of these sites may be when they are not managed properly?

A campaign is currently underway to ensure building sites both big and small do not pollute local waterways. In a bid to educate builders and home renovators to stop run-off from their sites, local councils, the Department of Planning, Industry, and Environment and the NSW Environment Protection Authority are rolling out a campaign this May called –Get The Site Right.¬†

So, what impact can the building site sentiment have when it ends up in Sydney waterways? Marlene Even from 2SER Breakfast was joined by the NSW Environment Protection Authority -Director of Regulatory Operations James Goodwin to find out.

Photo supplied by the NSW Environment Protection Authority.

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