Child Rights in Your Xmas Gift Supply Chains

We can all be forgiven if at this time of the year,  reason just goes out the window. It’s after all the first Xmas,    lockdown- free.

But if Xmas is about giving and humanity, have you ever thought about how your gifts are made;  before giving them out?

As most of them are made and sourced from overseas.  According to human rights advocate ALTSEAN in Asia;  these sources are intertwined with child slavery practices.

In the rush to recover from the pandemic;  when meeting public demand,  many transnational and local businesses ignore the child slavery practices in their supply chains. ALT-SEAN says  it’s incumbent upon us to ask, is my gift child – labour free?  

Interviewee: Debbie Stothard – founder and CEO of the global human rights advocate ALT-SEAN in Asia    Reporter/Producer: Annamarie Reyes

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