Chris Hammer on ‘The Tilt’

We’re joined by acclaimed Australian author Chris Hammer to talk about his latest release, ‘The Tilt‘. Named after an iconic geographic feature in the Murray-Darling region, the novel sees Ivan Lucic and Nell Buchanan return from their last venture in ‘Treasure and Dirt’. Nell has been awarded a role as a homicide detective, and fate (or Chris Hammer, as the case may be), has played her a cruel hand in having her first case drag her right back home to The Cadell Tilt. A water regulator is blown up, and before the town can even start to question why, bodies are found below its now-drained basin. With her family far more involved in the case than she’d like, and a town bustling with the lockdown-driven agitation of conspiracy, the case reaches decades into the past as the voices of the town beckon towards it unsolved mysteries.

Thanks to Allen & Unwin for copies of the book, and arranging our time with Chris!

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