The Power of Local Government ‘Citizensourcing’

What if you had the ability to design your own public park or playground? Have you ever had a great idea for ways to improve your neighbourhood and community?

On this episode, we’re looking at a new form democratic decision making that combines elements of community consultation and crowdsourcing. David is joined by Dr Krithika Randhawa, Senior Lecturer at the UTS Business School, to talk about what she terms ‘citizen sourcing.’

Plus, we hear from the Christchurch City Council about how they engaged the community directly to design the city’s new Tūranga Central Library, after the 2011 earthquakes.

Further Reading:

You can read Dr Randhawa’s work on knowledge collaboration and open service innovation.

Dr Randhawa’s study, Crowdsourcing without profit: the role of the seeker in open social innovation, can be viewed here.

For more information on Bang The Table, visit their website.

For more information on Krithika’s work, visit the UTS website.

Christchurch City Council responded to our questions about citizensourcing their new central library. Their responses can be found here.

Find out how NASA used crowdsourcing to solve complex issues.

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Image: My Life Through A Lens (Unsplash)

Special thanks to Christchurch City Council for sharing their citizensourcing experience

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