Claire G Coleman’s Enclave

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Claire G Coleman’s Enclave

Claire G. Coleman is a Noongar writer, from Western Australia, now based in Naarm. Claire’s debut novel is the award winning Terra Nullius. She is the author of the novel The Old Lie and Lies Damned Lies, an historical and cultural exploration of the ongoing impact of colonial invasion. Claire’s third novel, is Enclave.

Enclave takes us to the community of Safetown. There residents live a comfortable life, secure in the knowledge they are protected by ‘the wall’. Within that concrete edifice security patrol their streets and drones surveil the airway to ensure even the smallest transgression is met with swift consequences.

Christine has spent her entire life basking in the comfort her fathers wealth and Safetown’s security provide the daughter of an influential family. Sure her father is a distant figure, her mother a high functioning alcoholic, but they’ve just bought her an apartment and extended her a line of seeming unlimited credit.

Safetown was built to protect families like Christine and she should be happy with this safety. Except her best friend Jack is missing and Christine has begun to notice her servants, people who don’t look quite like her…

Join me as we discover Claire G Coleman’s Enclave

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