Collecting Music in the Digital Age

All of us have our own relationship with music, for some it provides some background colour to the day, for others it’s an integral part of life. But technology has changed our relationship with music, both in how we consume it and how we collect it. While it’s easier than ever to access an enormous amount of music from every era, genre and country on Earth, has it become more difficult to forge meaningful relationships with artists and their songs? How do we keep track of a lifetime’s worth of music appreciation and listening, and is it even important that we do?



– Liz Giuffre, Senior Lecturer in Communication for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

– Darren Cross, Musician



Darren Cross – hONEYCOMB (10.8.5)

Darren Cross – Honeeey Pot

Darren Cross – Pump Up the Dole-Drums (INFINITE3)

Darren Cross – S u m_m e r T a p e d

(courtesy of the artist)

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