New Stats on Combustible Cladding Chaos

More than 1400 buildings around Sydney have flammable cladding, new statistics have revealed.

The NSW Cladding Taskforce Register hasn’t been publicly released but Newslocal journalists found up to 1422 buildings potentially have the dangerous cladding.

The Newslocal journalists worked with local councils to identify which building may have the cladding and then contacted each building individually, essentially creating their own register.

Experts are debating how much it’ll cost to replace all the combustible cladding in Sydney with some estimating $600 million while others say $1 billion and above is more probable.

It’s most likely property owners will have to foot the expensive bill with the State Government not announcing any subsidies or support.

Jake McCallum speaks to us about the statistics, he’s the Newslocal Urban Affairs Reporter and one of the journalists who found these statistics.