Commemorating Mabo Day – the incredible influence of Eddie and Bonita Mabo

June 3rd marks Mabo Day, a day to commentate the courageous work of Mer Island man Eddie Mabo and his successful efforts to overturn the legal fiction of terra nullius, or ‘land belonging to no-one’.

Executive Producer Bella Michie was joined with granddaughter of the trailblazer himself, Peta Duncan to talk about the significance of the work of her grandparents, as well as what reconciliation means in 2021. Peta is currently working as a project support officer at the Aboriginal owned fashioned label, Clothing The Gaps, which focuses on promoting racial equity. In this interview Peta highlighted the influence of her grandmother, Bonita Mabo, and how growing up she was always encouraged to make her voice heard. Peta explains one of the most important ‘actions’ we can take in promoting reconciliation is amplifying Aboriginal voices and focusing on decolonising our mindsets.

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