Common Joel

This week on Across The Park, lockdown may have finally taken it’s toll as we discuss the following: a new way to greet people, Gaby’s new microphone, getting deliveries and sending gifts, Joel considering changing the shows format, catching up over trivia, Gaby’s girlfriend winning a $500 voucher, Nintendo Switch, online surveys, Bitcoin, Mick’s Bird Of The Year, Common Koel’s, how to talk to Magpies, Penguin Bloom, Rowan’s new walk, what people do at the park, the Paralympics, North Korea getting around to watching the Olympics, Polish javelin thrower Maria Andrejczyk lovely gesture, NRL staying in Queensland, Andrew Fifita fracturing his larynx, how (NOT) to induce a coma, the All Blacks being able to beat Australia without even playing, AFL’s final round and lots of retirements, Luc Longley’s doco, and a game! 

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