COVID – 4 Years On

It’s 4 years since the first COVID case was confirmed in Australia on January 25 2020. “Post-Covid” is a term we often hear now, but where indeed are we? How do we source reliable information?  And do we still need to be protecting our own health and that of those around us?

The Daily’s James Murray spoke with Professor Deborah Lupton, a SHARP Professor in the Centre for Social Research in Health and leader of the Vitalities Lab at UNSW.  Professor Lupton has been surveying Australians each year since May 2020, about their Experiences of Covid-19.  Her research reveals how our attitudes have changed across 4 years, and how our perceived level of risk is linked to the accessibility of information.


Photo credit : Gordon Best
Statues in Downtown Melbourne don facemasks for the Covid pandemic. 11 August 2020.

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