Creating new homes with kindness

In Australia, a significant amount of community support is organised and delivered through not-for-profit charities.  Food relief is organised through food banks, or charities like OZ Harvest or Second Bite.  These charities re-direct food that is considered not sellable as is, to those in need.  To redirect to those in need offers many benefits: to begin with, the food does not go to landfill and then the food goes to those who need it.

Apply the same logic to bulky items like furniture and household items, and you may just imagine the joy and relief of those receiving free furniture for setting their new home.  This is a game changer moment to any of the recipients.  To be able to furnish a home with brand new furniture can make such a difference to those going through a crisis like women escaping domestic violence, like getting out of homelessness, etc …

Sarah spoke to Renuka Fernando, the co-founder of a Sydney-based charity called ReLove that does recycle pre-loved furniture and homewares to give them away to people in need.

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