Creating the “Great Harbour Walk” from Bondi to Manly

Sydney is blessed with beautiful beaches and coastlines full of colonial, indigenous and maritime history. While Sydney already hosts some impressive foreshore walking trails, they have remained fractured- until now. In a rare act of good faith bipartisanship across all levels of government (including six local councils) these harbour walks will be connected through tracts of public land to create an 80km harbourside walk between the iconic beaches of Bondi and Manly, passing some of Sydney’s famous attractions along the way.

Tess was joined by one of the main architects of the project Lachlan Harris to discuss the genesis of the idea and Sydney’s rare opportunity to preserve and promote its spectacular foreshore.

A name for the walk hasn’t been picked yet, but whatever is chosen, Sydney’s set to develop one of the finest walking trails in the world. Check out the proposed route at

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