Cultural and entertainment reviews that get Sydney talking! Wayne’s 4 x 2…

Here’s another hugely sought-after edition of Wayne’s 4 x 2… – The Thursday Daily’s contribution to peace, love and happiness within the world of snappy cultural reviews and must-see recommendations.

Flush those Corona-virus thoughts away. Cancel the cruise. Wipe away your woes and dip into Wayne’s world…

4 x 2 minute insightfully short reviews of books, bands, shows, art, concerts, TV series and movies. Delivered straight to your favoured ear by The Thursday Daily’s resident cultural sharp-shooter, Mr Wayne Massingham.


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Music: Traditional Techniques – This new album by Stephen Malkmus takes listeners on an acoustic journey filled with the brilliance of this most talented journeyman complete with woodwind, sitar, and his unique lyrics.

Film: Motherless Brooklyn (in cinemas– Classic book adaptation and direction from Edward Norton. Set in 1950s New York City, this is a gangster film not to be missed.

TV: Making It (on Foxtel) – A reality show like no other with zero spite or bitchiness. Centered around arts and crafts with a focus on creativity. Hosted with comedic warmth by Amy Poehler and Nick Offermen this is available now on Foxtel.

Concert: Bill Callahan – American singer and song writer Bill Callahan is back on our shores with his unique underground mix of rock and country with just a tinge of folk.

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