Sustainability Talks: Cultural and Natural Heritage

Learn how we can integrate and value Australia’s cultural and natural heritage in a modern culture with presenters Dr Emilie Ens, Corss Cultural Ecologist, Macquarie University, Dr Donna Houston, Director of the Bachelor of Planning Program, Macquarie University, and Sarah Holland-Clift, Coordinator of the Parramatta River Catchment Group.

Hosted by 2SER’s Sean Britten

Dr Emilie Ens

How has a cross cultural approach to conservation in some of the most remote areas of Australia found success? And how has an understanding of Australia’s Indigenous Cultural Heritage influenced and enhanced conservation methods of local environments?

Dr Donna Houston

How do we place value on heritage in our cities today as we face increasing pressure of population growth and the lack of green and open spaces? And what does it mean to work with inherited heritage in the 21st century?

Sarah Holland-Clift

How are councils, state government agencies and the community working together to make Parramatta River swimmable again by 2025? And why is it important that we take action now towards sustainable management of our natural resources? What benefits will be made for our future and the community?

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