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Curved Radio is a platform for independent artists around the world sharing music and cultural experiences. Streaming each Sunday 10pm - midnight Sydney, Australia time. Check the world clock for times at your place!
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Gayle Austin is regarded as Australia's first female rock DJ. As founding members of the innovative government sponsored 'underground' radio station Double J, Gayle and her colleagues set the template for the national FM station, TripleJ. Over sixteen years, Gayle's on-air presence, programming and production skills made her a radio icon and an inspiration for subsequent generations of broadcasters. Gayle holds a BA (Hons) in Media, Communications and Critical Cultural Studies from Macquarie University, and is currently working on her PhD at Sydney's University of Technology.

mr.K fondly recalls at the age of six sitting alongside a little portable record player and pulling from a tower of 45rpm's, singles from The Supremes, Rolling Stones, Normie Rowe and Connie Francis and spinning them at his older sisters' parties. The grown ups seemed to dig it and he has been sitting in his jim jams spinning, loving, learning about, collecting and sharing music ever since. With older siblings whose musical tastes spanned the late 50's, 60's and early 70's, a 'nothing is out of bounds sonically' attitude characterises mr.K's eclectic musical taste to this day which is channelled directly into Curved Radio, into his sound design work for theatre, into the many sound collectives he contributes to and into the imaginary soundtracks he constructs.

Aku Kadogo is an international theatre director, choreographer, educator, and cultural arts preservationist. She directs highly energetic, imaginative theatre works and has produced a number of collaborative interdisciplinary projects. Aku began her career in the theatre on Broadway. She has pursued the possibilities of how theatre arts can contribute to the well-being of our society and make for greater understanding between all. Her eclectic career has spanned across the United States, Australia, Europe and Asia. Her most recent collaboration with Korean artist, Younghee Park is a digital choreopoem entitled, Stonecatcher (2020). Interested in the power of interpreting words through the body, the form of the choreopoem has been an integral part of Aku’s working process for many years. Aku Kadogo is chair of the Department of Theatre and Performance at Spelman College, Atlanta Georgia after having served as Distinguished Visiting Professor in 2014.
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Monica Akihary, vocalist with guitarist, composer Niels Brouwer are the core of BOI AKIH, which began in 1997. The duo has developed a distinctive repertoire for the ensemble, one in which cultural roots – musical traditions from the Moluccas (Melanesia/Oceania), Sunda and Bali, Dutch (European) jazz and improvised music, classical Indian music and traditional African music – form the basis for composition, improvisation and text. BOI AKIH has grown into an ensemble with a striking sound and its very own unmistakable musical idiom. The French press have written "The combination of European, Indian and Indonesian cultures on the one hand with jazz on the other, gives Boi Akih a sound and colour unique in the current musical landscape." Monica sings in Haruku, the language of her ancestors in the Moluccan Islands, as well as English and Dutch.  Monica is magic.
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Oliver Cherer is an English musician who has been following his nose through the margins of British underground pop music since the mid nineties. Starting out as a remixer of such acts as Adamski, Elastica and Alabama 3, he went on to form big beat band Cooler, signing to Polydor and touring with Bentley Rhythm Aces. Post noisy big beats he went on to make a series of quiet ambient electronic albums under the name Dollboy and stumbled into writing and singing songs in a more traditional way almost as an exercise. Ollie records and releases material under a number of monikers; Dollboy, Gilroy Mere, Australian Testing Labs, Rhododendron, The Assistant to name a few and is a prolific collaborator with other artists, musicians and film makers.
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Dr. Angela Last is an academic with a special interest area in Human Geography, art/science and the connections between environmental and social change. She is also a musician playing with the band, now, and runs the independent label, MottoMotto records out of the UK. Angela also maintains the blog, Mutable Matter (Interdisciplinary writing on materiality).

Driven by an uncompromising approach towards music & sound, Rona Geffen, based in Berlin, is an all DIY musician, artist, sound researcher and sound healer. Producer of fresh & nasty beats from the night life and beyond, inspired by everyday city life she creates pounding electronic music, an inimitable mixture of Techno, Downtempo and Pop. She has released 3 solo albums, the electronic opera STRIKE! and collaborated with artists such as Mad Professor, Ori Lichtick, choreographer Yasmeen Godder and many others. In 2015 Geffen started independent sound research which led her to work closely with 4DSOUND and the Spatial Sound Institute as well as establish a practice as a sound healer. Rona’s research which continues to develop to this day, creates a meditative, ritual and immersive experience using cutting edge technologies by proposing new approaches to healing methods that apply sound and color.
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With influences ranging from Flora Purim and Minnie Riperton to Portishead, Sweetback and Warpaint, Malena Pérez is an enigmatic, otherworldly force. Born in Atlanta, Georgia to a Cuban father and German mother that surrounded her with music, she was exposed early on to a diverse sonic palette that would later inform her evocative, genre-bending style.
Pérez debuted on the international music scene in 2004 with her first vinyl release, "Free To Fly", and introduced a bilingual fusion of Nu Latin Jazz and soulful, Atlanta-infused broken beat and dance music performed with a live eight-piece band. Over the ensuing decade and a half, taking up residence in New York, Berlin and the San Francisco Bay, she's delivered an eclectic suite of experimental, bass-driven electronic soul, garnering worldwide radio and DJ support. Her collaborative partners span the globe and have included Grammy-nominated producers Dennis Ferrer, Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez and deep house trailblazers Osunlade and Fred P. (Black Jazz Consortium). Her recordings have been distributed by acclaimed labels P-Vine (Japan), Mobilee (Berlin) and Objektivity Records (NYC), to name a few. Now based in Los Cabos, Mexico, Pérez is currently preparing new projects for forthcoming release.

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Inga Liljeström is a vocalist/ composer and sound therapist from Australia who has lived in France and now in the UK. She studied music at University, and received a BA (performing arts majoring in voice) and Honours from SCU in NSW Australia. She has released 4 albums commercially and also worked with film makers to make clips, resulting in the DVD ‘Ra Djur’. Inga’s interests also lie in the healing properties of sound, and is a certified sound therapist, and has a private practice as well as teaching with the Sound Healing Academy based in Cornwall. She has recently started a PhD in music, and is exploring and working on new compositions.
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Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe is a DJ, writer, performer, record label owner and all-around pop activist. He was born in Rouen, the city of Joan of Arc, Gustave Flaubert and Marcel Duchamp. His mother was Portuguese and passed on to him a deep love of music with a saudade (a joyful form of melancholia) quality. After spending many of his childhood years drawing his favourite cartoon characters, Deluxe enrolled at Rouen Art School. He moved to Sheffield, England to take post-graduate courses. While there he met Pulp, Designer’s Republic and Warp Records. His interest in music led him to launch his own record labels, Come Together and Euro-Visions. He was the first to bring April March to the attention of French audiences and introduced her to Bertrand Burgalat (Tricatel), which resulted in some memorable collaborations. His latest record label, Martyrs Of Pop, has released music by artists such as Jay Alanski (Beautiful Losers) and Jacques Duvall (Leatherman), the men behind some of pop princess Lio’s best songs. Deluxe has written for the UK’s Nude and Shindig magazines, plus Roctober (in the USA) and Outré (Australia). He currently writes for Standard, Lui, Schnock and Rock & Folk in France. Having written several books in French, his first in English, Yé-Yé Girls Of 60s French Pop, was published in 2013 to rave reviews in Mojo, the Independent and the Telegraph. :

Victor Gashnikov is a composer and pianist based in Moscow, Russia. Although he never touched an instrument until the age of 18. Victor’s musical path started in a local band where he played a keyboard. After playing in several bands Victor decided to focus fully on piano music. His debut EP “Piano Thing” was released in 2012 and Victor has been self-recording, producing and independently releasing his contemporary piano music and projects from his home studio in Moscow. With influences ranging from Radiohead and Muse to Red Hot Chili Peppers and The White Stripes, Victor Gashnikov in his heart is a genuine rocker playing the piano. His compositions are full of classical harmonies and melodies with the drive of rock music.
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Clotilde is a standout singer, flutist, composer, and lyricist who has already originated many projects across the jagged landscape of jazz, from standards to avant-garde. Yet music has proven to be an insufficient medium for her fertile imagination. For when Clotilde dreams, writes, or improvises, images always appear to illustrate her feelings, thoughts, and convictions. Her latest project, XXY [ɛks/ɛks/wʌɪ], deploys a whole range of expressive forms, including music, film, and dance, to finally fulfill her artistic potential.

Clotilde grew up in a family of strong women, and XXY [ɛks/ɛks/wʌɪ] is the result of her reflections on the feminine. This ambitious project has been in gestation since 2014, a time when questions of gender were becoming omnipresent in the spheres of politics, society, and religion. Such a vast subject might appear terrifying to tackle, but Clotilde has been fearless, pursuing a holistic approach through multiple media, to provide an all-encompassing perspective.

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Peter Castaldi has worked in independent film exhibition, distribution, production and marketing for many years. He has co-managed and programmed one of Australia's first major Australian independent cinema chains Valhalla Cinemas, in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney; worked full-time as a film and entertainment industry journalist, producer & presenter with Free to Air TV: SBS, ABC and Network 10, in national radio across several ABC Networks, based at Triple J, and local radio 2GB Sydney. He has worked in print at The Herald and Weekly Times, and on cable for The Movie Network. In 1994, Peter was the first Australian journalist invited to sit on the Cannes Festival FIPRESCI Jury. Peter loves sharing his obsession with all things screen, small to large, the obscure to the everyday and beyond via Screening Jets.
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Sydney born composer/musician Louis Tillett has a career spanning several decades, back to the late 70s. Firstly, as a frontman to the popular Wet Taxis, then, as bandleader to one of the longest running residencies, with Paris Green. He gained ever greater audiences in Australia and abroad, following the launch of his landmark album Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell, which set the stage for 9 more original albums, and To Ride a Dead Pony - the Retrospective. In 2000 he was the subject of an ABC TV documentary, “A Night at Sea”. In a rare acting role, he played Angus Black in the bleak Short Film HERO, which was shortlisted for Venice Film Festival, and debuted at Melbourne International Film Festival in 2007. He is currently the subject of another, as yet untitled, documentary and is realising a real renaissance with his music, as audiences will witness in upcoming TV and Film placements in 2022/23. He continues to perform, either solo, as a three piece, or with the 11 piece band Art of Darkness.  His last concert was at the Camelot Lounge in December 2021 on the Baby Grand Piano.
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McKenzie Wark is an Australian writer and scholar who has lived in New York City since 2000. Her books include Reverse Cowgirl (Semiotexte), Capital is Dead (Verso) and Philosophy for Spiders: on the low theory of Kathy Acker. Her correspondence with Kathy Acker was published as I'm Very into You (Semiotexte). Her book Raving comes out with Duke University Press in early 2023.
link : Twitter: @mckenziewark Insta: @mckenziewark3000

Martha D. Lewis is an award winning, British-born Cypriot jazz singer-songwriter/performer, but her musical genre is multi-dimensional taking in blues, world and art-pop. Martha is previously well-known for her emotive interpretations of 1920’s Greek blues, providing a new contribution to the borders of world and contemporary jazz music. An established music maker whose credits include composing for film, TV and theatre, Martha’s most recent release, All That You See (2022) sees her take giant leaps as a jazz singer-songwriter, signalling a new direction of artistic growth. She is a member of the Jazz Council at the Ivors Academy where she also provides music career mentorship for emerging young artists for Help Musicians UK. Martha was presenter and singer in the Globally released feature-film documentary entitled My Sweet Canary (2011). This film about the life and work of the first Lady of the Greek Blues – Roza Eskenazy – inspired Martha’s 2016 CD release Homage To Roza .
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Curved Radio :: 10:00pm 11th Sep 2022

Up on 2SER’s Curved Radio with Gayle Austin this Sunday, 11 September, Gayle has a very yummy selection all lined to share for episode #447. Gayle features the new Björk single and also the first episode of Bjork’s stunning podcast series, Sonic Symbolism in which the artist discusses the textures and emotional landscape of each of her 10 albums with various collaborators. Also lined up are works from composer and percussionist Doris Dennison performed by Third Coast Percussion, the legendary Dana Gillespie, Boris Berman performing John Cage, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble with Moses Sumney, Arthur Russell, Kansas, Peggy Sue, curvy fave Senhora do Ó, more curvy faves gudrun gut & Mabe Fratti, Nick Drake, Thom Yorke, Roxy Music, Dr. John, Anna Domino, Hiatus Kaiyote & our curvy promo cover star from a fab photo from Mick Rock, Lou Reed! Yummy! Read More

Curved Radio :: 10:00pm 4th Sep 2022

Coming up this Sunday, 4th September on episode #446 of 2SER’s Curved Radio, curvy crewster, the fab musician, composer and performer, Marguerite Montes Music joins Gayle sharing music from #TomWaits, Buika and #Otyken. mr.K is having the weekend off but has sent through his picks of the week which Gayle will share on his behalf. First up is a brand new gorgeous swoonalicious release from a forthcoming album from alt-folk Irish outfit, Anna Jordan’s SELK released via AMS Records and a new release from Future Conditional (Glen Johnson and Cédric Pin, formerly of Piano Magic) released via one of our fave indie labels, Second Language Music. Yummy and both available via Bandcamp. Check them out! ! Gayle has a stunning selection of releases also lined up to share from a new collaborative release called, 'The Blue Hour' from Caroline Shaw + Shara Nova My Brightest Diamond + Rachel Grimes + Angélica Negrón + Sarah Kirkland Snider + A Far Cry released via Nonesuch Records, something from electro legend and curvy fave gudrun gut, The Real Tuesday Weld & The Puppini Sisters, #MinoruMuraoka, Juliette Armanet, dakhabrakha, #HirokoMurakami & #HiroccoM, another track from the fab new release from Valentina Magaletti Drummer, Barbara Panther, #PeterNardini, LQRQ Cairo Liberation Front feat. Naujawanan Baidar and lots more! Come and step out onto the Curve with us! Read More

Curved Radio :: 10:00pm 28th Aug 2022

Coming up this Sunday, 28th August on episode #445 of 2SER’s Curved Radio, we’ll be joined by the fabulous award winning saxophonist, composer and teacher, Nicole Johänntgen. German-born and now based in Switzerland, Nicole’s recording and touring practice crosses many musical genres and borders. We’re delighted to welcome Nicole to the Curvy fold! Also Gayle will be joined  by cabaret clown, exhibitionist and entertainer extraordinaire, Irene Nicola. Irene is performing her one-woman climate-change cabaret show, Apocalypse Please for the upcoming The Sydney Fringe Festival. . Irene will be performing a song or two live for us and also speaking about climate change and comedy! mr.K in Brisbane has another set of yummy musical treats and new releases to share from curvy fave, Melbourne’s Laura Jean released via Chapter Music, Brisbane-based contemporary composer Erik Griswold released via Room40 and another stunning new release from Guatemalan cellist and experimental musician/singer/producer Mabe Fratti released via Tin Angel Records. Gayle keeps this all together spinning some fab sounds from early Bjork jazzing it up with Trió Guðmundar Ingólfssonar, gorgeous sounds from Anna Butterss released via Colorfield Records, Jeff and Tim Buckley, percussionist and composer Valentina Magaletti Drummer, King Crimson, and lots more! Curvy to the max! Read More

Curved Radio :: 10:00pm 21st Aug 2022

Coming up this weekend on 2SER’s Curved Radio, mr.K takes over the wheel on the good ship, Curve for episode #444 while the fabulous Gayle Austin is busy hoisting up the mainsail and keeping an eye out for us for inclement weather ahead! mr.K has lots of sonic goodies to share with all you Curvies from SAULT, curvy faves Shriekback, Delta Function (featuring members of The Rotary Fifth), The Lazy Eyes, The's Official, Chaz Jankel, the beyond glamorous theremin virtuoso ARMEN RA, Brisbane’s dynamic duo Mick Medew and Ursula released via I-94 Bar Records and Promotions, our promo cover star Louis Armstrong, The Damned, Geoffrey O'Connor feat. Laura Jean released via Chapter Music, electro fabulousness from Sweden's Niels Gordon also UK’s MetroGlow, an Andi Otto remix of a Umeko Ando (with OKI DUB AINU BAND) track released via Pingipung, the fabulous Anna B Savage, acoustic gorgeousness from David Ian Roberts released via Cambrian Records and The Mañana People, Jessica Marlowe & The Wildcats released via Mottomotto, another motorik stomper from Aircooled, legends Little Annie and Dame Shirley Bassey, Tina Turner with British Electric Foundation, Emma Donovan & The Putbacks featuring Archie Roach released via Hopestreet Recordings, Bill Callahan, Brisbane’s ensemble of extraordinary musicians, Silver Sircus and more! Curvylicious wot? Read More