Cycling in Sydney

Did you ride to school when you were a kid? Would you ride to work if you could? The City of Sydney have come up with a draft cycling strategy and action plan to get more Sydney-siders back on their bikes. We were joined by James Adams, the Campaign Manager in the City of Sydney’s Walking and Cycling team, talking to us about the City of Sydney’s proposed plan to help Sydney’s cycling future.

Especially in the City area, designated cycling infrastructure is being set up designed so that cyclists have their own way of getting around Sydney. By creating a fully connected cycling network around Sydney, cycling will be officially integrated into the transport system and hopefully encourage more people to use their bike to get to and from work.

Although the scheme is business focused at the moment, work is currently in progress with local councils outside the CBD area to integrate this same designated cycling infrastructure into suburban areas. The hope is that these smaller networks will eventually link up together, as well as with major train stations and bus stops.

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