D.C Cross guest selects for Sideways Through Sound 09-02-2022

D.C Cross introduces a hand picked selection of music and talks about it’s personal importance and influence on his new album Hot-Wire The Lay-Low (Australian Escapist Pieces For Guitar) – in the spotlight on this week’s Sideways Through Sound

D.C Cross Spotlight Selections 09-02-2022

  1. D.C Cross – Cootamundra [Hot-Wire The Lay-Low (Australian Escapist Pieces For Guitar)]
  2. Dirty Three – Everything’s Fucked [Dirty Three]
  3. John Fahey – Wine & Roses [Dance Of Death & Other Plantation Favorites]
  4. Lankum – The Wild Rover [The Livelong Day] 
  5. Jack Rose – Kensington Blues [Kensington Blues]
  6. Matthew J. Rolin – Setting Sun Eulogy [Basement Songs]
  7. Leo Kottke – Red & White [Fahey/ Kottke/ Lang]
  8. Elizabeth Cotten – Vastopol/ Vestapol [Freight Train & Other North Carolina Folk Songs & Tunes]
  9. Burl Ives – Ghost Riders In The Sky [Burl Ives]
  10. D.C Cross – Tom Uglys Bridge [Hot-Wire The Lay-Low (Australian Escapist Pieces For Guitar)]

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