Dancenorth presents ‘DUST’ at Sydney Festival 2019

Throughout human history we have questioned our place, our time and what had come before us. Curiosity is the driving force for many, if not, all of us.

Queensland contemporary dance company, Dancenorth asks us to hold onto that curiosity in their new production ‘Dust’. Through a blend of architecture, live music and dance; ‘Dust’ invites us to consider, how we can examine the past in order to shape the future. The production has been brought to Sydney this week as part of Sydney Festival 2019. Dancenorth Artistic Director and co-creator of ‘Dust’,  Kyle Page joined us to speak with us on the production.

Dancenorth is presenting ‘Dust’ as part of Sydney Festival 2019 at  Carriageworks this week until the 13th of January. Tickets are available now on the Carriageworks website.

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