Dark Sky Sanctuary Proposed for Palm Beach

We hear about air pollution frequently, but what about light pollution? Light pollution is increasingly becoming a threat, with detrimental impacts on our health, the environment and astronomical research.

Researchers at Macquarie University are in the process of making a case for Palm Beach -located on the very tip of the Northern Beaches- to become a light pollution free sanctuary. 

If successful it will be Sydney’s first national park in the sky and the first accredited urban dark sky reserve in the Southern Hemisphere.

So why are scientists fighting for “designated pockets of darkness in Sydney”?

Jess spoke with Dr Richard McDermis astronomer and senior lecturer at Macquarie University to find out more.

This interview was inspired by an article ‘The Suburb Earmarked to Host Sydneys First National Park in the Sky’ by The Lighthouse a showcase of Macquarie University’s Research.


Photo of Barrenjoey Lighthouse used under Creative Commons, credit: Morgan Zhong.

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