Dementia friendly café DCaf turns 2

Do you know someone living with dementia or have you been diagnosed yourself? Chances are many of us are personally affected by it. Nearly 500,000 people live with dementia in Australia and it’s estimated every single day 250 new people are diagnosed.

With so many people in Australia affected, many advocates are working towards creating dementia-friendly spaces and communities to prevent stigma and the risk of social isolation. One such community is Waitara in Sydney’s North. Two years ago a dementia cafe started in North Sydney for people living with dementia and their families to connect and stay socially active. The initiative is called DCaf and lets people in similar situations connect and look after their well-being. Since its beginning, they have introduced fitness classes, regular speakers, activities, and therapies. 

Fiona Jenkins, the founder, and program-coordinator of DCaf Connections joined The Daily.

For more details you can visit DCaf Connections Facebook page or contact Fiona on 

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